Belly Dance is an ancestral art that represents one of the highest expressions of femininity. It’s considered one of the oldest dances in the world, and today can count several modern contaminations.

Our belly dancers are available for every occasion: private parties, ceremonies and corporate events in Rome and Central Italy.

The audience will remain enchanted and fascinated by sounds and dancers’ movements, the amaze and the oriental atmosphere are guaranteed!

La Danza del Ventre arrived in Europe and in America thanks to the the ’30s and’ 40s cabaret, but it’s especially since the ‘90s that it has become famous all over the world. A belly dance show usually consists in three parts, but can be modified or expanded according to your needs.

La Danza del Ventre has different styles, accompanied by different accessories …

  • Veil: The dancer envelop herself in a transparent veil and then twirls it in the air.
  • Sagat: Small brass percussion instruments that are held on the thumb and middle fingers of both hands.
  • Stick: This dance is characterized by joyful hops.
  • Tambourine: some dancers accompany their dance by playing a tambourine (Bandir).
  • Candlestick: the dancer performs by balancing a candlestick with lots of lighted candles on her head.
  • Sword: the dancer performs balance exercises with a sword during the dance.
  • Isis Wings and Fan Veil: two modern development, they can be considered a sort of evolution of the veil.

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