Lighting is what most characterizes an event. Lights can arouse strong emotions. Taking care of the architectural lighting of the Location whatever it is – a villa, a historic residence, a farmhouse, a marquee or a garden of a private villa– means having the perfect setting for your event. Each location can be transformed and can acquire charm with the color you decide.

Through the help of Battery Led Bars and Lights, we can illuminate any type of location without cable passage, with an eye to the safety and aesthetics of the event.

We have lighting systems for weddings and corporate events suitable for indoor or outdoor, for every kind of shows, events with strong public presence, discos, disco-pubs, entertainment venues, theaters and exhibitions.

Among our lighting systems for weddings and corporate events:

  • Battery and non-battery LED lighting (smartbat and bars)
  • Motorized and moving heads
  • Special effects (Laser, smoke machine, fog machine, etc.)
  • Rows and illuminations

Our lighting systems are eco-friendly, being equipped with the best LED technology that allows a reduced energy consumption, respecting the environment. Our material is professional and high quality. Beware of those who use material that is not certified and therefore not in accordance that could compromise your event.

A valid identity document is required to carry out the rental and, for companies, an employee must be appointed.

Contact us to request a detailed quote or advice, together with our Light Designers, we will study with you the most suitable solution for your needs.

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