Irony and sensuality come together in Burlesque to ceate a unique and elegant show. You’ll discover how our performers play the art of revelation, with dishinguishing grace, involving the public and leaving everybody anxiously awaiting every single gesture.
Burlesque shows are suitable for the most diverse events: in public places, but also to animate private parties, special birthdays (eighteenth, fortieth, fiftieths, etc.), to give elegant brio to a corporate party, and even in some moments of a wedding reception.

Our burlesque starlets are available also for classy bachelor parties, during which they tease and involve the future groom, parodying the show of seduction, for a party full of play and irony.

How about bachelorette parties and original birthdays?
Book a Burlesque workshop with one of our teachers: professional and qualified performers for teaching, which will give the participants an afternoon of fun and femininity: it will be a unique gift for your friends!
The duration of the lessons varies from two to three hours, but can be arranged according to your needs. During the lesson, our teachers will introduce you to the art of seduction and teach you the basics of striptease. An ironic game, including bustiers, feather boas, gloves and sequins … to discover your femininity while having fun!

What is Burlesque?
What is a Burlesque show? Burlesque was born in Victorian England and in Vaudeville France to parody the customs and traditions of the aristocracy. There was a plot of music, dance and a lot of comedy, but soon the female figure became the focus of the show. Subsequently the Burlesque landed in the United States, and it is here that many of the most representative artists of the genre were born who, showing off increasingly skimpy dresses, proposed a sensual, ironic and refined striptease show just as we know it today.

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